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Last modified: June 16, 2014



Funded by the Seniors’ Secretariat, the Age-Friendly Cities and Communities INNOVATION (AFCC-INNOV) research project (also called Age-Friendly Municipalities) focuses on the emergence of innovations in local initiatives developed by the Age-Friendly Cities and Communities (AFCCs) in Quebec. There are two elements: a multiple case study and a questionnaire. These studies are ending in March 2017.


The main objectives of this first part consist of assessing the evolution of the AFCC process with regard to social innovations fostering social inclusion of seniors.A better knowledge of relations and interactions between various stakeholders will enable us to obtain the original material related to the essential dynamic of AFCCs in regard to social innovations (sample A: 11 cases) and potential challenges encountered by some communities (Sample B: 4 cases). This component relies on the achievement of an action-research with multiple case studies from communities and regional county municipalities (RCMs) of various sizes and locations.

This project seeks to answer the following question: “To which extend does the AFCC program, as it is operationalized, enable the achievement of its objectives?”

There are three main goals:

1. Describe social innovations and highlight the factors of emergence in communities participating in the AFCC-program.

2. Seize and clarify the emergence of factors encountered by selected communities (or RCMs).

3.Explore new ways to help alleviate the challenges faced by communities or RCMs.

Since the modalities of the AFCC program allows for a flexible framework, our case study will adjust its approach to the objectives of this research and to those of the communities by adopting a co-construction perspective with the stakeholders.


The second part of this project relies on the administration of a questionnaire regarding the AFCC program to 723 communities and 36 regional county municipalities (RCMs) that have begun or completed an AFCC process The online questionnaire, closed on September 9, 2015, has reached a participation rate of 48 per cent (342 communities and 24 RCMs). Frequency analyses, bivariate and multivariate analyses will be drawn. The preliminary analysis plan was shared with partners who were invited to suggest cross-tabulation of additional variables to meet their respective concerns. First results are expected in December 2015. Data collected through this questionnaire will be used by the Seniors’ Secretariat to ensure follow-up of the AFC program as well as by the AFCC research team to assess different aspects of the process.

In parallel, the development of a second questionnaire is in progress. It will be administered to a sub-sample of municipalities and RCMs which have responded to the first questionnaire, and which have completed or initiated the implementation of their AFCC action plan. It aims to measure the outcomes of the program on the quality of life of seniors but also on how to move forward on issues related to aging within communities and RCMs as well as with their partners. This questionnaire should be launched during the winter of 2016.

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