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The research team Age Friendly-Cities in Québec (AFC-QC) will participate at the 45th annual scientific and educational meeting of Canadian Association on Gerontology (CAG) on the theme of «Fostering innovation in research on aging».

«AARP International looked at efforts in the United States and worldwide to identify projects and programs that are worth sharing and, when possible, replicating.The 2015 Age-Friendly: Inspiring Communities Report presents a collection of age-friendly "good practices."»

«I came to Manchester to examine the city’s revolutionary work as the first city in the United Kingdom to join the WHO Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities in 2010. WHO's program is the first major global policy response to the rise in worldwide life expectancy and aging in cities. »

«Too many urban spaces are daunting to older people. But Lyon and Manchester show that they needn’t be. Stand at the traffic lights on a major street in any city.»

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) in collaboration with Grantmakers in Aging (GIA) is pleased to announce a webinar series geared towards addressing and resolving barriers towards sustainable age-friendly cities and communities.